Women in Utilities: Recruiting Women Engineers and Staff at Lanes Group

At Lanes Group, one of our most important principles is making sure that all staff members are welcomed and treated fairly and equally, and that nobody joining our team is ever made to face additional barriers as a result of their identity. As such, we consider it a top priority to ensure that women engineers and other female staff members are given every chance to succeed here.

We employ a large number of women in various roles across our entire organisation, from field-based engineering roles through to office-based administrative positions. Gender is no barrier to a long and successful career at Lanes, and our female staff speak positively of the supportive environment and equal opportunities they have received in their time with us.

No matter what kind of role you are seeking at Lanes as a female candidate, you will be valued as an equal member of the team. You will also have ample opportunity to build your skills and take on leadership roles at the UK’s largest privately-owned specialist drainage and wastewater contractor.

Read on to find out more about the work we do to support women engineers and female staff in our workplace. You can also browse our full range of job opportunities today to start your professional journey with Lanes Group.

How does Lanes support women in the workplace?

At Lanes, we are keen to make sure that female employees across every team have the support they need to fulfil their potential. We also want to ensure that talented women who are seeking roles in the drainage sector know that Lanes will offer them an environment where they are able to thrive.

Here are just some of the commitments we provide to help promote gender equality in our workplace:

  • We offer a range of flexible shift options and working hours, including roles with four-on, four-off shift patterns as well as the typical 9-to-5, which helps women to find a position that accommodates their personal needs
  • We provide a wide range of training and personal development opportunities, meaning women can build their skills over time, even if they enter the business with relatively little experience
  • We prioritise long-term career development rather than short-term contracts, giving all of our staff the chance to build a stable and reliable career within the Lanes family We provide competitive salaries to ensure that female staff are fairly paid in accordance with their level of responsibility and experience
  • We offer optional healthcare support through our company-wide Simplyhealth scheme, which provides cashback towards your everyday healthcare costs
  • We cultivate a friendly, supportive working environment, encouraging team cohesion for staff from all backgrounds, alongside a strong focus on promoting mental health and wellbeing
  • We employ experienced female professionals in senior roles across the organisation, including most of our key HR roles, meaning you can always feel understood and supported by those in charge of your teams

Why supporting women in utilities is so important to us

It is an undeniable fact that the utilities sector has traditionally been heavily male-dominated, an issue that still persists despite significant industry-wide efforts to address this gender imbalance.

Here are a few eye-opening statistics that demonstrate the scale of this trend:


Only 19% of energy and utilities sector staff members are female, compared to a UK average of 48% across all trades. (Source: Energy & Utility Skills)


Less than 1% of the craft-level UK utilities workforce is female. (Source: Energy & Utility Skills)


The average percentage of women in the top pay quartile at utilities firms is only 18.1%, lower than the average of 40.9% across all sectors. (Source: Womens Utilities Network)


Only 16% of Lanes’ job applicants between February 2020 and February 2021 within the business identified as female. (Source: Lanes Group)

At Lanes, we believe this to be a real problem, one that we are keen to be at the forefront of solving. Creating fair and equitable workplaces for men and women alike isn’t just a moral responsibility - it has the potential to actively benefit businesses and workers in various ways, including:

  • Bringing new perspectives and diversity of thought to the whole team
  • Giving every employee the same opportunity to develop their skills, helping them realise their potential and spread the benefits of their expertise
  • Creating a positive and supportive working environment that improves morale, team spirit and passion in the workplace
  • Making sure companies can always attract the very best talent, regardless of their background and identity
  • Showing that companies are committed to representing the communities they serve, an important priority for businesses and their customers

You can find out more about why we’re working to support and expand our female workforce here.

Testimonials from our female staff members

Lanes’ commitment to fostering a supportive environment for our female staff has been borne out by the large number of success stories reported by our women engineers and female employees from across Lanes’ national workforce.

Here are just a few examples of what our female workers have had to say about life at Lanes:

“Since joining Lanes, I have found all of my engineers are supportive, and are more than willing to help the “newbies” to the company, such as myself!”

Karen Darrington, depot manager, St Neots

“I find it to be a fantastic experience to work at Lanes Group. The crews we have are welcoming and understanding, and the other depots are supportive and always available to speak to you should you need it.”

Sheila Lee, site supervisor, Nottingham

“The company has made me feel welcome, and helped me adapt to the environment around me. My field manager has made adjustments when required, and being on this journey has taught me how to adapt to any given situation.”

Paris Keenan, trainee lining engineer, Thames - Slough office

“It’s incredibly gratifying to be treated with a high level of respect during my start in this industry, and as an equal amongst my peers. Lanes Group simply rewards strong work ethic and a passionate drive for growth in the business.”

Donya Seyadi, health & safety manager, Thames - Slough office

“At Lanes Group we embrace diversity and understand the importance of supporting our colleagues. We are developed based on our skill set and not our gender, and everyone is encouraged to use their voice to make a difference.”

Anna Brodnicki, operations analyst, Thames - South West Chertsey depot

“As a woman working in what is perceived to be a very masculine industry, Lanes has to be one of the most welcoming and inviting companies I have had the pleasure of working for.”

Samantha Hefferman, transport lead, Thames - South East Crossness depot

To get the full stories from our female staff about their positive experiences with Lanes, take a look at our female staff experiences blog post, or browse our Staff Stories section for additional insights into Lanes life from our talented men and women.

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We believe this is an important area for further growth and learning across the industry, which is why we are committed to supporting sector-wide efforts to close the gender gap and achieve true equality for men and women in engineering and utilities.

Here are a few resources you can investigate for further reading on these efforts:

If you’d like to speak to Lanes Group to find out more about how we are working to support women in utilities roles, get in contact with us today. If you want to start your career journey with Lanes and find out first-hand just how many opportunities we have to offer women engineers and female staff, you can explore our jobs to find your ideal role.

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