Mental Health at Lanes Group: How We Support Our Workers

At Lanes Group, health and safety is paramount in everything we do. However, no workplace safety policy can be sufficient without paying equal attention to both the mental and physical health of our workers

We employ more than 2,200 people across the UK, from drainage engineers and groundworkers to office-based staff, and we recognise that every single individual has their own specific mental health needs. This is why we provide a wide variety of industry-leading benefits, support facilities and training schemes, in order to ensure that members of our diverse, multidisciplinary workforce always have everything they need to do their best work.

Find out more here about the proactive, sensitive and understanding approach Lanes Group takes to support the mental health needs of our workforce, and the key wellbeing principles we aim to uphold and promote as a responsible employer.

What support do we provide for our workers?

At Lanes Group, we offer a range of mental health benefits to ensure that our staff feel happy and valued in their work, and that they are able to discuss any issues they might be having in a supportive and compassionate environment.

Here are some of the key ways in which we look to support our staff:

Wellbeing events and activities

  • Regular wellbeing days and events to promote team bonding and wellness - these include outdoor group activities such as open-water swimming, mindfulness sessions and meditations, and charity events designed to help our workers focus on wellness and fitness

  • Special sessions to promote overall health - offering massage, physiotherapy and vitamin shots

Training and education

  • A series of mental health training modules for staff - to educate our workforce on mental wellbeing and exercises to help them feel better

  • Mental health first aid courses - to teach members of our workforce how to support their colleagues with their mental wellbeing, and become part of the support network themselves

In-house mental health expertise

  • Access to our in-house wellbeing expert - mental health support at Lanes Group is led by Alana Warburton-Whitehead, our in-house wellbeing lead, and a national instructor, trainer and coach. She is available to all staff any time they might need to talk or ask for help

  • Various ways to seek support - whether through talking therapy provided by Alana or peer-to-peer conversations led by our mental health first aiders

Proactive mental health support

  • Stress risk assessments - we create individualised safety profiles and support plans for our workers, taking into account their mental health needs to ensure that every person gets the support they need
  • Comprehensive occupational health support - we offer resources and support to encourage healthy lifestyles in and out of the workplace, in order to promote physical and mental health

A culture of openness

  • An award-winning happiness app for employees of our Lanes Utilities brand - giving staff t    he chance to report on how happy they feel at the start of every shift, and an option to talk to someone if they need help
  • Events to generate conversations and break down barriers around mental health - this includes regular awareness sessions and coffee break talks on a wide range of mental health topics
  • A Wellbeing Champions Forum, encouraging company-wide discussion of how we can continually offer better support for the mental wellbeing of everyone working at Lanes Group

Our mental health principles

Stress is one of the leading causes of work-related ill health. If workers feel unhappy or unable to discuss their problems in the workplace, it can place their mental and physical safety at risk; in the longer term, it leads to a disharmonious working environment, and stops people from reaching their full potential.

Lanes Group understands the importance of cultivating a working culture that is empathetic, compassionate and supportive, and that allows people from all backgrounds and with different needs to work together and excel as part of the same multidisciplinary team. As such, we aim to embody the following values in everything we do:

  • Focused on the individual - every person is different and has their own specific challenges to deal with. We work to understand each individual’s unique requirements and tailor solutions to help them reach their potential.
  • Committed to diversity and inclusion - focusing on the individual also means taking into account employees’ backgrounds and identities, ensuring that nobody working at Lanes ever feels held back, and cultivating a culture that truly embraces everyone.
  • Guided by the needs of our staff - the requirements of a workforce will always change over time. We actively engage staff and regularly initiate conversations about how they feel, what they want from our resources, and how we can support them better.
  • Keeping people in work - when our staff members come to us to discuss mental health challenges, we focus on finding the best way of keeping them in employment, providing support to help them fulfil their potential and avoid the stress of missing out on salary.
  • Leading by example - meaningful action, not tickbox exercises, is the key to better mental health in the workplace. Prominent employers like Lanes Group need to lead by example to show the rest of the industry how to create an inclusive culture, and the benefits this brings.
  • Continuously improving - holding ourselves to a high standard means continually investing in finding new and better ways to improve our mental health support for staff, while also learning from the feedback we receive. This means our mental health offering will continue to evolve according to the needs of our workers.

The events we support

Throughout the year, we organise awareness events, support sessions and educational initiatives to coincide with nationwide advocacy days and awareness weeks. Below are just some of the wellbeing events that Lanes Group fully endorses:

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